The Fourth of July

It’s summer 1974 on an island off the coast of Connecticut, and all Jack Smith wants is a vacation like he enjoyed in his youth: swimming, sailing and sunshine. But Jack finds his summer plans quickly spiraling out of control. His estranged wife follows him to the island looking for money. The priest and constable are conspiring his ruin. And the local Lolita is intent upon seducing him. Jack suddenly has more problems than he can handle, and he deals with them the only way he knows how: with rum and romance, all leading to a calamitous Fourth of July.

Here’s the part of Father Ivan, as read by Sam Haft:

You are  going to love this book. The prose is tight and clever. The pace is quick. The characters are colorful. Nearly every passage is a forward or back reference to another.  I promise that you are going to laugh out loud.

The book is available from Amazon for the Kindle and in paperback.

Here are a few reviews on Goodreads.

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